Commissioning me 

If you wish to contact me about commissions:

1) You will need to email me at and see if I have slots open

2) Explain your project and what you want. You will then receive a quote from me.

3) You will need to pay the initial half via paypal and I will start upon receiving payment

4) I send you initial sketches, and we work to get to make sure you what you want

4) pay the last half and receive the high res file :)

General Pricing Outlines

To give you an idea of the process, below is some information in regards to the commissioning process.



The Process:

After the initial 50% of the commission is sent via venmo/paypal i will begin. 



Step 1:


 Initially, I will require

-  Any descriptions and information of what you want that you think might be helpful

(For example: reference images, fancasts, pinterest boards, character appearance, personality, clothing descriptions, poses you might like, fancasts, and important symbols motifs from their history/world)

-   An image size preference 

( For example: 8 x 10 in, A4, landscape or portrait orientation ) 


This helps me make sure that my initial mock-ups of composition reflect your vision of the character(s) and image.


Step 2:  I will send a few compositional sketches that will address the main poses and layout of the composition. Once you pick the one you like I will continue.


Step 3:  I will refine the linework/layout and send you color mock-ups to choose from. This is the step in which I need to know if something major needs to be changed before I finish rendering the image. Major changes in poses, composition, objects should happen here before we move forward. Major changes later on will incur extra labor costs.


Lastly: The final step will be sending you the finished image to allow for any small changes and verify the final image with you.


When you are satisfied, you will send the final half of the payment and I will then send you the full resolution file in your desired format.


Commissions Open on June 15th